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New Horizons: SCSG's Fresh Direction for Christian Singles in the Coming Quarter

Updated: May 7

In the bustling heart of our city, where the pace of life seems to quicken with each passing day, there's a gentle yet profound movement brewing within the Christian community. As a 28-year-old Singaporean Christian, navigating the journey of singlehood, I've witnessed firsthand the blossoming support and opportunities that have unfolded in 2024, a testament to the faithfulness of God and love that binds us together. It's a narrative of growth, shared learning, and the unwavering pursuit of God-honoring relationships that I'm compelled to share with you.

A Flourishing Community

This year has been remarkable in witnessing an outpouring of support for Christian singles. Churches and individuals alike have stepped forward, offering an abundance of events each month aimed at nurturing and connecting singles.

While the abundance of options is a blessing, offering something for everyone, it also presents a challenge: the potential dilution of the singles pool at each event. Recognizing this, I've decided to streamline my involvement to 1 SCSG event monthly from May to July.

This decision isn't taken lightly but is a step towards deepening connections within our community, including my commitment to the Young Adult Cell Group for the not-yet-married and exploring collaborations with other churches. Click here to find out more about our YACG.

Our goal? To expand our Christian singles community, creating more opportunities for meaningful connections, while also pondering the readiness of individuals to embark on the dating journey.

The Heart of SCSG

At the core of Sacred Companion Singapore (SCSG), our focus this year pivots towards creating spaces for mutual learning and genuine conversations about the seldom-discussed facets of singlehood.

Every single's journey is unique, marked by diverse experiences and invaluable lessons that, when shared, enrich our collective understanding and support network. Success, in our eyes, isn't merely about finding a partner; it's about the resilience, faithfulness, and growth we exhibit in our quest for godly relationships.

A Plea for Unity and Understanding

Exploring the path of singlehood and the quest for meaningful relationships within the Christian community presents its unique set of challenges. I cautiously share my thoughts, aware of the differing views, on the necessity to move away from comparing the diverse events and initiatives led by various organizers.

The richness of our spiritual gifts and passions gives rise to a spectrum of events, each crafted to foster community and personal growth. It's a reflection of our collective calling to contribute uniquely, enhancing the value we bring to the community, rather than trying to replicate every type of event out there.

As participants, it's crucial to shift our perspective from a consumer-driven attitude to one of active participation and contribution. These gatherings aren't just about what we can receive but about how we can share Christ's love with others.

Our journey is more than the pursuit of a romantic partner; it's about the meaningful connections we forge and the mutual respect we share, acting as a testimony to those around us. The diversity of events not only broadens our social circle but also allows us to see the many aspects of potential partners, guiding us toward more discerning and informed relationship choices.

A Collective Journey Forward

As I pen down these thoughts, my heart is filled with gratitude for the support and constructive feedback that has shaped our community. Moving forward, SCSG will streamline its events, focusing on fostering connections across the wider Body of Christ. This is not about retracting our efforts but about casting our nets further to collaborate with churches and unite singles across our universal church.

In closing, I extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has walked this path with us. Your engagement, honesty, and support have been instrumental in shaping a vibrant, supportive singles community. As we press on, let us remember to ascribe all glory to God, for it is His grace that sustains us and His love that guides our every step. Let us continue to honor Him, making Him our first love, as we navigate the waters of singlehood together, united in faith and purpose.

Reflection Points

In our journey as Christian singles, reflection is a vital step toward growth and understanding. As we navigate this path, a few questions come to mind, inviting introspection and a shared dialogue:

  • What support do you hope to have as a Christian single? The journey of singlehood is as diverse as the individuals walking it. Identifying the types of support that would be most beneficial can help tailor the community's efforts to meet these needs more effectively.

  • Patience in the Process: As churches and individuals strive to offer support, refining and improving these efforts is a process that requires time. Would you be willing to extend your patience and understanding to us during this period of growth and adjustment?

  • Sharing Your Experience: How has your experience been with our events? Your feedback is invaluable, and your positive experiences shared within your circles can help grow and enrich our community. Would you consider sharing about our initiatives with your friends?

  • Opportunities for Collaboration: Are there opportunities within your church for Sacred Companion SG to offer support to Christian singles? Whether it's through an existing singles ministry or a workshop, your connections could pave the way for meaningful collaboration and support. Please consider connecting us with your church leaders.

Prayers items

As we reflect on our journey and look forward to the paths yet to be walked, prayer remains a cornerstone of our faith and community. Here are a few prayer points to lift up together:

  • For the Singles in Our Community: Pray for all the singles within our community and our individual walks with Christ. For those among us feeling weary or jaded, may we find strength in our fellowship and continue to support each other through every season, leaning on faith even when the journey becomes challenging.

  • For a Radical Approach to Dating: In a world where the standards of relationships often drift from the holy, pray that we, as a community, may date in such a radical, counter-cultural way that it becomes evident we are His people, adhering to His holy standards.

  • For Wisdom and Unity Among Organisers: Pray for the organisers of these events and initiatives, that they may be granted wisdom in the planning of activities and a Kingdom-hearted vision to work collaboratively, furthering this noble kingdom work


Upcoming Event - April

Join us for a heartfelt gathering at this month’s SC Social Night, themed "When Friends Come and Go." It’s an evening dedicated to diving deep into the unspoken shifts within our friendships as we evolve through life’s different stages. Whether it's adjusting to friends dating, getting married, or embracing parenthood, each transition brings its unique set of emotions and questions.

In the intimate ambiance of SC Social Night, we’ll explore the complexities of maintaining connections when life paths diverge. How do we navigate these new dynamics without losing the essence of our friendships? Is it okay to feel a sense of loss, and how do we process it? Together, we’ll discuss the potential of expanding our social circles, embracing change, and finding solace in shared experiences.

This is your space to voice the thoughts and feelings often left unspoken in the heart of singles. Let's uncover the art of staying connected, adapting, and growing, even as the characters in our stories shift. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, share, and perhaps even find new friends who are navigating the same waters.

Date: 28 April 2024 (Sunday) 

Time: 5pm - 9pm 

Location: 5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)

Cost: $20 (Early bird: $16 if you register by 31 March 2024)

Dinner will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing in this journey of friendship and change.


Upcoming Event - May

Join us for SC² Stroll & Chill, where Singles Community 2.0 and Sacred Companion SG come together to create a memorable experience just for you.

Picture yourself strolling through the serene morning, exploring hidden trails from City Hall to Toa Payoh. It’s not just a walk, it’s a journey of connection and discovery.

Meet kindred spirits, swap stories, and bask in the beauty of our homeland. We’ve planned fun activities, laid-back moments, and friendly rotations to ensure everyone feels right at home. 

Limited slots - sign up soon! :) 

Date: 11 May 2024 (Sat)

Time: 9am - 1pm

Meeting point: City Hall MRT 


Upcoming Event - June

Ever find yourself attending singles events, but still feeling like you're missing out on connecting with the right person? It's time to uncover the mystery. Are we overlooking certain admirable traits in our search for a partner? What if what we're seeking is right before our eyes, but portrayed differently by the opposite gender?

Date: 22 June 2024 (Sat) 

Time: 5pm - 9pm 

Location: 5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan) 

Cost: $20 (Early bird: $16 if you register by 31 May 2024)

Dinner will be provided.


Upcoming Event - July

This month's SC Social Night takes on a deeply personal theme: "Finding God in Rejections and Breakups". It's an invitation to gather and share how our faith journeys are influenced by the heartaches of life. Whether it's the end of a romantic relationship or the pain of any form of rejection, these experiences test our resilience and faith in profound ways.

How does encountering rejection affect your conversation with God? Is prayer a source of solace, or does it become more challenging? We’ll delve into discussions on the role of our church and Christian community in providing support and solace during these trying times. The importance of fellowship and shared strength in navigating the path to healing will be a focal point of our conversations.

Together, we will explore:

  • The impact of rejection and breakups on our prayer life and relationship with God.

  • The supportive role of the Christian community in our journeys through pain and healing.

  • Reconciling the heartache of rejection with the faith in God’s timing and plan.

  • Gleaning clarity from our painful experiences to understand the redirection in our lives.

  • Using our stories of heartache as testimonies to God’s unwavering grace and comfort.

Date: 27 July 2024 (Sat)

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Location: 5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan) 

Cost: $20 (Early bird: $16 if you register by 30 June 2024)

Join us for an evening of heartfelt sharing, reflection, and fellowship. This is a space to voice your struggles, revelations, and how you've seen God's hand in the toughest of times. Through our shared stories, we’ll find strength, hope, and a deeper sense of God’s presence in our lives, especially when we feel most alone.

Dinner will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing in this journey of friendship and change.

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