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YA Cell Group 
for Christian Singles (21 - 40 years old)

Can social gatherings alone sustain us until the return of Christ?

Can they truly guide us to both faithfulness and fruitfulness as we await His coming?

The answer may not be as straightforward.

In collaboration with Bethel Presbyterian Church, we aim to support you in grounding yourselves in God's Word, all while fostering mutual encouragement and support on our journey of sanctification.

Introducing our new young adults cell group—a space designed for singles and unmarried couples aged 21 to 40. We'll gather 2 - 3 times a month for moments of fellowship, prayer, mutual accountability, and engaging in the study of the Scriptures.


Please note that for couples, your partner is required to join the study with you.

Join us on this meaningful journey of spiritual growth and community.


1. Community

We aim to create a community of people in the similar season of singleness/unmarried that can gather to study God’s word. 


1 and 2 Timothy emphasize the importance of community and relationships within the church. In a fast-paced society like Singapore, where individuals may face challenges in building and maintaining meaningful connections, the teachings in 1 and 2 Timothy can provide guidance on fostering healthy relationships within the Christian community.

Prayer Group

2. Wholesome alternative

We aim to provide a wholesome alternative to making new friends. There’s something special in learning God’s word together. 

Young adults often face challenges in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal growth. The letters provide encouragement and exhortation for believers to persevere in our faith and continue to live according to God's principles, even in the face of difficulties.


3. Safe space

We aim to create a safe space where you feel okay to share vulnerably. It may not happen in the first session and that’s okay. Everyone takes a different amount of time to warm up to each other. The good thing about a cell group is that it is not a one-off event. In the regular sessions that we spend together, I hope that it will be a place that you feel comfortable to be yourself.

1 and 2 Timothy address various issues that are timeless and still relevant in today's context, such as leadership, morality, and the challenges of living out one's faith in a secular society. Young adults in Singapore may find guidance on navigating contemporary challenges through the teachings in these letters.


Young Adults Cell Group
Details & Schedule

Frequency: 2 - 3 times a month

Day: Friday

Time: 7pm - 10pm [Refer to Note 1]

Venue: 5 Poh Huat Road

Subsidized Fee: $20 [Refer to Note 2]

CG Program Flow:

7.00pm - Dinner (optional)

8.00pm - Worship

8.15pm - Bible Study Discussion

9.30pm - Sharing & Prayers

10.00pm - End

Note 1: 
Dinner is not provided. Participants are welcome to "dabao" their own dinner.

Worship starts at 8pm. 

Note 2: 

Fee is collected to cover cost of study materials and are subsidized by Bethel Presbyterian Church. 

Cell Group Launch
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Owning a Faith that Matters
Life-Changing Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Owning a Faith that Matters
Yielded Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Good Friday Break
Owning a Faith that Matters
Expectant Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Owning a Faith that Matters
Praying Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Owning a Faith that Matters
Confident Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Owning a Faith that Matters
Maturing Faith
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 2 Timothy
Rejected but Not Ashamed (2 Tim 1)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 2 Timothy
Pass It On (2 Tim 2)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 2 Timothy
How to Recognize God's Voice (2 Tim 3)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 2 Timothy
It's Your Turn Now (2 Tim 4)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
Launch of 1 Timothy (Rev William Heng)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
Spiritual Deception (1 Tim 1)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
The Way Back to Health (1 Tim 2)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
Who Can Lead (1 Tim 3)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
True & False (1 Tim 4)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
How Grace Confronts Conflict (1 Tim 5: 1 - 6:2)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
Find Your Riches in Christ (1 Tim 6: 3 - 20)
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)
Study of 1 Timothy
Closing Sharing
5 Poh Huat Road (Kovan)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cell group?
A cell group is a small group of individuals who gather regularly to share life, discuss faith, and support one another in their spiritual journey.

2. Why should I join a cell group?
Joining a cell group provides an opportunity for deeper connections, spiritual growth, accountability, and a sense of community within a larger church or organization. 

3. How often will we meet?

We will meet 2 - 3 times a month. You may refer to the schedule above. 

4. What typically happens during a cell group meeting?
Meetings often involve a combination of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, and mutual support. 

To enhance the relevance and relatability of our discussions and sharing, we have narrowed our focus to young adults between the ages of 21 and 40, who are in a similar season of life—specifically, those who are single or unmarried.

5. Is there a specific format for cell group meetings?
Formats can differ from church to church, but many cell groups include time for sharing personal updates, studying a passage of scripture, and discussing how to apply biblical principles to daily life.

For our CG, we will adhere to the following program flow: 

  • 7.00pm - Dinner (optional)

  • 8.00pm - Worship

  • 8.15pm - Bible Study Discussion

  • 9.30pm - Sharing & Prayers

  • 10.00pm - End

6. What if I'm new to the faith or have little knowledge of the Bible?
We welcome individuals at all stages of their spiritual journey. You don't need to be an expert; we are all learning and growing together. :)

7. What is expected of me as a member of a cell group?
Expectations vary, but common elements include regular attendance, participation in discussions, confidentiality, and a willingness to support and encourage fellow group members.

8. Can I be a member of this Cell Group if I worship in another church? 

Certainly, we welcome your participation.

Here are the two primary reasons individuals express interest in joining our CG:


  • "I want to grow and edify myself with a group of people"

  • "There's no cell in my church for which mainly has singles."

  • "To place myself in a community of singles, who can be transparent to one another, to grow together in our struggles of being single. But most importantly, to grow deeper and closer to God, and journey together closely"

  • "To connect with similar people and learn of their journey with God and being single"


Spiritual growth

  • "To grow in the word and expand circle of spiritual community"

  • "To study the word"

  • "Looking for a more singles-oriented Young Adult CG to connect with and study God's Word together :)"

  • "To learn more"

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