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26 Mar: Relationship Q&A

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Shout out to our wonderful panelist (@cliff.tam @tamwaijia @capohjb @lee.huan86) for answering our burning relationship questions while sharing authentically about their experiences.


✝️ Single or married, we are all valued equally in God's eyes (i.e. Being single does not mean we are any less)

✝️ When making a decision, consider the 4 handles - God's word, community, circumstances, prayer.

✝️ Are we ready to treasure our future partner as how God treasures his precious children? (i.e. You will be dating God's precious son/daughter)

✝️ It's okay to ask for signs. What's not okay is if you depend 100% on signs.

✝️ Seeking advice from mentors, parents and friends are really important as emotions can potentially blind us.

✝️ Physical attraction is important in a relationship. It isn't the ONLY factor to consider but it can't be brushed aside as well. If someone has very good spiritual traits but you are not physically attracted to him/her - they could be a friend instead of a partner!

✝️ Biblical dating follows the roles of Christ as groom and the church as the bride. Men - have courage and take the lead in pursuing the ladies even if it could potentially lead to rejection. Ladies - learn the gift of waiting while giving the man an opportunity to take lead in starting a relationship.

✝️ Pace yourself when getting to know someone online. The speed of online dating tends to be fast, pushing you to move quickly. Be careful not to rush into a co-dependent relationship before you are ready.

✝️ In terms of when to be vulnerable - follow the framework of a triangle. The volume and depth of what you share should correlate with the duration of you getting to know someone.

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