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13 Apr: Cajon Socials

As we were smashing the cajon drums, I had an epiphany.

What's the difference between a dating agency and a singles ministry?

A dating agency provides matchmaking services through profiling and dating events, in hope of finding you a partner. If your date wasn't a good one, it leaves a sour aftertaste. After a few of such dates, it's easy to feel jaded at the unmet KPI (i.e., to find a match).

A singles ministry varies in our belief. If we believe that we are complete beings through Christ and that singleness is a gift - we come for events with a different posture.

We are unashame to declare our desire for romantic love. Yet we are only human and will always grapple with "How I wish I was dating" and "Singleness is a gift from God and doesn't equate isolation. I can still fellowship and have fun with brothers and sisters in the same season."

I was blessed to witness a beautiful scene - one where everyone is just having fun together. We were comfortable in being our true selves, laughing heartily, helping each other to catch the beat, letting loose and just being silly together (" OPEN THE DOOR, SEE 美女/帅哥, WASH YOUR FACE, COMB YOUR HAIR" - if you know, you know).

We had representations from 23 different churches from different denominations... Yet it felt like we were one body of Christ. With no context, a stranger who walks into the venue may very well think we are having an activity as part of a church camp!

As the founder of SCSG, I often ponder on how we may end up running Christian events without being Christian about it at all. Yesterday, the Lord showed me - "The vision I placed in your heart...CAN WAN - STEADY. Stay faithful to desiring me in all your events. Pray. Worship. Fellowship. And I (God) shall show you my wonders."

Post event fellowships are my favourite part. I love observing people being beautiful in their true form (without the stress to put on a good front... which is totally normal and understandable... After all, it's an event for singles).

I witness friends taking the lead to guide everyone safely to a supper venue.

I witness friends watching out for each other, ensuring no one gets left behind.

I witness friends taking initiative to set up a table big enough for all of us to sit together.

I witness friends who were so willing to offer their chair if there were not enough seats. They placed the needs of others before their own.

I witness friends sharing stories, switching between the role of a listener and a speaker. There was mutual encouragement.

I witness friends sharing testimonies and praying for each other.

I witness friends helping an old uncle who was struggling to get up. They held both his arms and helped him to get up on his walker.

I witness friends talk about things that matter to them - community work, internship experiences, visions, hobbies, God's calling, ministry, travel plans... Etc.

The list goes on. Zhong dian (my key point) is... I saw Jesus in everyone yesterday ❤️.

Praying for each and everyone of us to continue growing in the Lord. We are most beautiful when we reflect the image of Christ - and that would definitely attract a godly partner who can be your... *cough *cough... Sacred Companion.

Special thanks to EP Connecting Ministry and BEAT'ABOX for this event.

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