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12 Jul: #7 Living Our Calling (Eph 4:1-16)

Key Takeaways:

✝️ Salvation calling (call to faith in Christ alone) is different from vocation calling (call to service for Christ).

✝️ Through Jesus, the gospel is made available to all (Jews and Gentiles). Having received the good news, we are instructed to live out our Christian faith (i.e., change our worldly ways of living to a God-honoring way of living).

✝️ It's not easy to bear with one another in love. We should approach community living with humility (we are all sinners and equally unbearable without Christ). Let's be gentle (everyone is hurting one way or another in this broken world) when interacting with others. And finally, let's exercise patience for everyone's sanctification journey is different (Christ is at work in each person's life)

✝️ There are bound to be differences in a diverse community. Paul's letter focuses on the similarities which far surpasses the differences. (ONE body, ONE Spirit, ONE hope, ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God and Father)

💡 What are some differences that makes you uncomfortable in your community?

💡 Are there any area that you might have contributed to disunity within the church?

💡 When we say ONE hope... Do we truly believe in that? As singles, our dating journey may be disappointing at time. We can be sad, upset, disappointed... But the one thing we cannot be is... Hopeless. For our hope lies in CHRIST ALONE.

✝️ Let us not be united for the sake of being united. We are united in SUBMISSION to the head (Christ Jesus). Together, we strive to obey His will.

✝️ God created each of us with a purpose in advancing His Kingdom.

💡 What are some spiritual gifts that you've been blessed with? How are you using it to advance His kingdom?

🙏🏻 Thank God for your calling to faith and the body of believers He has put you in. Ask for His help to maintain unity in your body and promote growth through the use of your gift(s).

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