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26 Apr: #4 Welcome To The Family (Eph 2:11-22)

Key Takeaways:

✝️ Gentiles were once strangers to the covenants of the promise, without hope and God.

✝️ God's reconciliation work is not only between people and God. It extends to reconciliation between the Jews and Gentiles.

✝️ The work of Jesus on the cross is the common ground of salvation for both Jews and Gentiles. He is our peace.

✝️ There are bound to be challenges when people who were once separate come together to form one group.

💡 When have you sought to be part of a new group? How was your experience like?

💡 In our Ephesians Bible study, we have representatives from 22 different churches! How was the experience like for you?

✝️ The power of Christ can overcome our differences, unifying us as One church.

💡 How well are different groups in our church or Christian fellowship included in a single body?

✝️ We are citizens (identity), part of God's family (sense of belonging and not by force), built on the foundation of apostles/prophets with Christ as the chief cornerstone (not a physical temple but a spiritual one where God dwells).

💡 As citizens, do we care for God's country and for the things in God's heart? Do we know our rights and access our benefits (made known to us through scriptures)?

✝️ As members of God's family, we love each other. It's okay to have fights but we shouldn't break off the bond. Ultimately, reconciliation is needed.

💡 As members of God's family, do we allow others to love us? Do we express our needs?

✝️ Some differences are humanly challenging to overcome. We can bring them before God and ask for His strength to be a united Church.

🙏🏻 Thank God for the opportunity to be part of His family, and ask Him to use you to make others feel welcomed into it.

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