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Eastertide Silent Retreat Reflection

The Lord is indeed risen.

In our day-to-day life, how can we remember "Easter" day?

Silent retreats helps a believer to immerse in Scripture and inhabit the power of Christ's Resurrection and the joy that He is alive.

Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, we are often distracted, troubled and inattentive to Christ's presence.

Take courage, Jesus is with us just as He is with the two disciples.

Sharing notes from my recent retreat.

It was a peaceful day and I can gladly say - "Did my heart not burn within me when He talked to me on the road, while He opened to me the Scriptures?".

It's my hope one day that we can organise a silent retreat for our community! (We did a poll on IG and 41 members voted "Yes, please organise a silent retreat" - PTL)

It has benefitted me greatly in my spiritual walk and I would love to invite all of you to join me in this experience.

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