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8 Mar: #1 Blessings from God (Eph 1:1-14)

- - -


✝️ Paul, an apostle of Christ wrote a letter to reveal the mystery of God's will.

✝️ Through Jesus, we are chosen by grace.

✝️ God's plan is for the praise of His glorious grace (i.e. We are saved to worship and glorify Him)

✝️ God lavish upon us the riches of His grace (i.e. Not one-off but rather His mercies are new every morning)

✝️ Through Christ, there is unity between Jewish and Gentile believers (i.e. Gospel made available to all). And through His return, there will be unity in Heaven and on Earth.

✝️ We are sealed with the Holy Spirit who will walk with us through our sanctification journey on earth till Christ returns.

✝️ Our greatest inheritance is not living eternally. Our greatest inheritance is living eternally WITH God.

- - -

Reflection questions:

💡 Where is God in your story?

💡 Where are you in God's story?

💡 Having experienced the riches of God's grace that He lavished on us - how will you bless others too?

💡 How can you cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit?

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