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29 Mar: #2 Power of the King (Eph 1:15-23)

Reflection pointers:

✝️ Does your prayer have a mix of praise and petition? When praise comes before petition, we ascribe glory to the One who makes all things possible.

✝️ What are some practical ways that helps you grow closer to God? God loves us so much that He encounters each and everyone uniquely. (e.g. Journaling, Praying, Worship, Sermons, Surroundings, Searching of one's heart, silent retreats...)

✝️ Do you recognize that the power seen at Easter and now vested in Jesus is available to you for your daily use? How have you experienced that power in your life?

✝️ Do you view certain ministry as a more glorious role than another? Do you believe that every part of the body is important and no one part can do without the other?

✝️ What does having Jesus as the head of the body look like to you?

✝️ Are there any grievances or area of disunity in your church? If we are not united internally, it's going to pose a challenge when we minister externally.

✝️ How do we view different denominations in light that we are ONE body under the headship of Christ? Remember - it is possible to be divided at many points and still be united in Christ. (caveat that the differences I'm referring to here does not include differences in key doctrines - aka. Dogma)

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