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22 Feb: Ephesians Launch

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Commemorating Ash Wednesday with our Ephesians Launch.

//Lent Devotion - extracted from write up by Rev David Wong//

👉 Like Paul, we too may have a "thorn in our flesh". Perhaps we have pleaded for God to remove it... Remember, His grace is sufficient for us.

👉 Many times, we try to troubleshoot a problem by ourselves, only to find that... Where we can't... God can.

👉 It's counter-intuitive to delight in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecution and difficulties. However, God's glory is shown when we boast about our weakness.

//Launch of Ephesians//

👉 Being secure of our position in Christ sets us up for a fulfilling relationship with the Lord - the one who is able to meet all our needs.

👉 Christian living starts today regardless of our marital status.

//What do we hope to gain from this study?//

👉 A closer relationship with God

👉 Being part of a community with likeminded people in a similar season

👉 Fellowship in a longer term kinda way

👉 Growing deeper in His word

Special thanks to Bethel Presbyterian Church @ Poh Huat for hosting us. 🙏🏻

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