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12 Apr: #3 Life After Death (Eph 2:1-10)

Key Takeaways:

✝️ We are depraved (inherently sinful) since the fall of Adam.

✝️ Satan is at work in the world to lead us in the wrong direction - taking us further away from God.

✝️ "Why does God love us so much" is akin to viewing His love with human limitations. God Himself is love - that's why He loves.

✝️ It's hard to believe something we can't see. That's why we need to encounter God and see His goodness in our lives. This encounter will steer us towards Christ.

✝️ If we live life without reading the scripture, our experience will surpass our theological knowledge. This results in stagnation because we lack depth in recognising the hand of God in our lives. So... Do anything that helps you grow in the word (e.g., bible study, quiet time, cell group, theological studies...)

✝️ God will continue to show His incomparable riches of His grace till the day Christ returns (i.e., We will continue to receive grace in our sanctification journey on earth)

✝️ We are saved through grace by faith. (i.e., we do not need to strive for Salvation/God's love because it is not earned by works)

✝️ Works do not carry a meritorious idea but the concept of fruit. Works are the consequence of the grace of God on our lives.

✝️ Becoming a Christian makes for a radical change in behavior not due to us ourselves.

✝️ Good works include caring for creation (environment, people, animals) and dwelling in God's presence. This brings us back to the original design of creation (back to the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve dwelled with God and cared for His creation)

✝️ God loves His creation whom He fearfully and wonderfully created. Our unique thumbprint is a testament to the creativity of our God.

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