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Dress with a Mission


"Dress With a Mission" is a purpose-driven company founded by Jessie Low, dedicated to helping individuals restore their identity in Christ through intentional and meaningful image management. Grounded in faith, we understand the profound impact that personal appearance can have on spiritual well-being. Our mission is to guide individuals on a journey of rediscovering their identity in Christ by aligning their outward expression with their inner convictions.


  1. Personal Styling: We work closely with clients to understand their personality, lifestyle, and preferences, creating personalized style solutions that resonate with their identity.

  2. Wardrobe Consulting: We offer expert guidance on curating a wardrobe that reflects individual style, emphasizing quality over quantity and sustainability.

  3. Image Workshops: Through interactive workshops, we provide valuable insights into the psychology of clothing and the impact of personal image on confidence and self-esteem.

Register your interest by clicking here and embark on a transformative journey to rediscover your identity in Christ. Align your outward expression with your inner convictions and start this meaningful exploration.

Testimonials from clients:

Sharon Tan: I didn’t know that by choosing suitable colours based on my personal colour tone can make so much difference for my wardrobe and image. I look more vibrant now and not dreary, and that makes me more confident in my dressing and constantly looking fresh especially when I meet with my clients. What’s a plus is the useful tips and info given by Jessie, who clearly has a passion in helping her clients. Will definitely highly recommend Jessie to anyone who is eager to change their wardrobe to one that brings out the best in them!

Amy Sim: I felt so comfortable and it made me feel like going through the analysis as it seems that everything we talked about, was customised just for me. When I met her for the colour and body shape analysis, she guided me through on how to pick the right colours and it was indeed an EYE OPENER. I strongly recommend that you have a chat with Jessie to find out how she can help you with the way you dress, and the kind of message that you would like to bring to the audience. Don’t worry, she is extremely friendly and nice to talk to. To change or not to change, lies in your hands.


Rei Ni: Met Jessie for the personal colour consultation and impressed about knowing my personal colour to be true winter and explained why certain colour looks good on me! Having my personal colour in mind allows me to play within my colour range and trying some different colour without afraid of buying the wrong colour! I was impressed by how cool tone and warm tone makeup shows difference and enhanced my overall look.

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