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Celebrating Singleness

We are thrilled to have each and every one of you join us for our upcoming event - Celebrating Singleness!

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"Celebrating Singleness" - what a weird event title. 
Does it imply that being single is superior? 
Not at all! 

February is that month where we face those cringe-worthy questions and unsolicited advice during CNY, and the struggle is real when Valentine's Day hits – cue the FOMO (i.e., Fear Of Missing Out).

It's easy to fall into this phase of self-pity, questioning God like, "Where's my person?" or "Am I just meant to be single?"

Today's event is a reminder that we're not alone in this phase. It's like meeting a bunch of people who go, "Hey, I feel the same way."


Let's be real... breaking the ice with new faces can be awkward.
I mean, do I just stroll up and say "hi"?
What if I'm itching to play something, but everyone's in that shy mode?

To kick things off and smash through the awkwardness, we're throwing in ice-breakers and a team challenge.🏓⚽🎯


(3pm - 3.15pm)

Get your name stickers from Grace :) 

Ice Breaker 
- 3.30pm)

Ice Breaker - Bingo!

  1. Participants mingle and interact with others to discover who matches the criteria on their Bingo card. 

  2. When they find someone who fits a description, write the person's name down on the corresponding square on their Bingo card.

  3. The game continues until someone achieves a Bingo (a complete row, column, or diagonal).

Team Challenge 
- 4pm)


  1. Check your name tag to determine if you belong to Team 1 or Team 2.

  2. Within your team, designate representatives for Round 1 as follows:

    • Table Soccer: Choose 2 team members

    • Table Tennis: Select 2 team members

    • Darts: Assign 3 team members

  3. Continuing within your team, designate representatives for Round 2:

    • Table Soccer: Pick 2 team members

    • Table Tennis: Choose 2 team members

    • Darts: Assign 3 team members (Note: It's okay to repeat some members, but ensure that every team member plays at least 1 game by the end of Round 2.)

Here's how the scoring works for each game:

Table Soccer:

  • The first team to score 3 goals will earn 10 points.

Table Tennis:

  • The first team to accumulate 3 points will receive 10 points. A point is scored by striking the ball in a way that the opponent fails to make contact. However, if the ball hits the net and doesn't bounce over into the opponent's half, or if it goes out of bounds without touching the table, the opponent gets a point.


  • Each team's dart closest to the bullseye will earn the team 10 points. In case of a tie, two members from each team will throw again, and the closest to the bullseye in the second round wins.


Group Sharing 
(4pm - 4.30pm)

I had a chat with my pastor, asking him, "What's one thing that singles need for the month of February?"

He responded, "To feel heard and understood."

With that in our hearts, we weaved in a short session for us to open up about the things that weigh on us.

So, grab a drink and a snack, and our facilitators will be right there with you in this brief 30-minute sharing session :)

  • What's a comment about being a Christian single that has stuck with you? How did it make you feel, and how did you handle it?

  • Share a practical strategy or coping mechanism you've developed to navigate the emotional challenges of being a Christian single.

  • Reflect on your emotions as you anticipate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. What thoughts or feelings come up for you?

  • Share a personal tradition or self-care practice you've adopted to make special occasions enjoyable as a single person. How does it impact your emotional well-being?

  • Considering the potential challenges you might face as a single person during Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, what's one specific goal or action you can set for yourself to enhance your emotional well-being during this period?

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Free & Easy 
(4.30pm - 6pm)

Now that we've kicked off the fun and connected with new friends, let's take full advantage of the amenities and enjoy ourselves!

  • Sing your heart out at the Karaoke Station

  • Showcase your skills on the Pool Table

  • Engage in some friendly competition with Table Tennis

  • Dive into the excitement of Arcade Games

  • Unleash your strategic side with Board Games

  • Try your hand at precision with Dart

  • Score some goals in a lively game of Table Soccer

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Post-event Dinner
(optional - own budget)

For those of us who are free after the event, let's head out for dinner together :) 

Connecting Form

Click here to complete our feedback form. 

In the form, kindly indicate the names of 5 friends you wish to know better from today's event.


Please note that by providing this information, you are giving us permission to share your contact number with the individuals you have expressed interest in. However, it will be entirely up to them to decide whether they wish to connect with you.

We value your input and would greatly appreciate your feedback and review of the event. Your thoughts and suggestions will assist us in improving future experiences and ensuring we meet your expectations.


We look forward to fostering new connections and hearing your feedback.

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