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Desiring God as your first love
Trusting Him with your next

This platform is dedicated to Protestant Christians who genuinely desires true love. It is my prayer that each of you will journey closely with our Lord Jesus Christ and in doing so, find the partner that God has planned for you.

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Grow your social circle

  • Join our community platform - it's free!

  • Build your profile

  • Browse and start chatting

  • Our community is formed with members across 110 different churches

Meet new people

  • Explore a range of events by different organizers.

  • Connect with people that share the same interest, hobby or passion by participating in social events.

  • Navigate the season of singleness with coffee chats, bible study sessions and workshops.

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Marketplace for Christian dating

We thank God for the many churches and individuals who have answered the call to serve in the marketplace for Christian dating. 

Click on our "marketplace" tab to view the list of ministries and vendors that organizes activities for Christian singles.


In the current age, "human-touch" is lacking in businesses as we start automating manual processes. Don't get me wrong - technology can increase efficiency and there is good in that (this view aligns with my day job in the advisory space). 

The nature of ​dating is a relational one. Being a single herself, Grace experienced the alienating feeling of receiving "automated replies or politically correct answers" in her dating journey. 

That is why she decided to be more personal - sharing stories, highlights and reflections on our  Instagram @sacredcompanionsg.

At Sacred Companion SG, we advocate being real and talking about topics that matter. 

If you do not have Instagram, fear not. Important posts will be published on our blog too! 

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Support for your journey

What if you're not ready to date or need more time to heal from a relationship?

Here are some activities that has helped me greatly as I navigate through singlehood. 

Our vision

We envisage a world where Protestant Christian singles are supported in their search for a God-centered marriage between a man and a woman.​

Our mission

Building a platform and community that supports Protestant Christian singles in their journey of seeking God's kingdom.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well - Matthew 6: 33 (NIV)

Our motto

Desiring God as our first love, trusting Him with our next. ​

Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act 
- Psalms 37:4-5 (NIV)

Our values

Kingdom mindset 

Placing God's priorities over our wants - Matthew 16:24-26

Partnering with other churches - Philippians 1:3-5


Being faithful in our calling for this ministry while committing it to the Lord - may His will be done.​



This isn’t just a job; it’s a calling, and we love it!

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Our brand

Our logo symbolizes 2 souls refreshed in the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple - Psalm 19:7

Our founder

According to 2020's population census, the percentage of Christians in Singapore stands at 18.9%. For every 10 person you meet, about 1 - 2 of them are Christians.


Bearing in mind that this number includes both single and married Christians, it poses a real challenge for singles who wish to find a partner with the same faith.

Grace experienced her fair share of dating woes as she swipes through dating apps, consulted dating agencies and attended dating events. 

She founded Sacred Companion SG in 2021 with the aim of better supporting Christian singles in their search for a godly partner.

Click here to view our article feature on


  • Assistant Manager - Business Development & Marketing Enablement (Accounting Big 4 Firm)

  • Dating Practitioner (Social Development Network)*

  • Enneagram Coach (International Enneagram Association)

  • Certificate of Church Ministry (Singapore Bible College)

  • Certificate of Youth Ministry (Scripture Union)

  • Singles Ministry Lead (Bethel Presbyterian Church)

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (Institute for Adult Learning) 

  • Advanced Diploma in Accountancy (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)


The SDNTrust Accreditation Framework and its Trustmark will cease end of 2022 for SDN to explore new efforts to better support the local dating sector.

Despite the sunset of this courses, we wish to assure you that Sacred Companion will continue providing quality services to our clients.


Grace has been trained and equipped with the following SDN courses prior to starting Sacred Companion SG. 

  • How to establish and manage a dating business (EMDB)

  • Organise a dating event (OADE)

  • Provide personalised dating services (PPDS) 

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Due to the sensitivity of our industry, our reviews remain anonymous in order to protect the identity of our clients.

The events organized by Sacred Companion are very enjoyable and stress-free. I had a great time making friends and meeting other like-minded Christian brothers and sisters.

Love the opportunities to meet others and to just share about life without any expectations :)

The events allowed us to develop friendship in an organic manner through fun and fellowship.

I enjoyed myself during the Christmas mingle event getting to know more people! The venue was cosy and the groupings and activities were thoughtfully done to allow for meaningful interactions among the participants.

I enjoyed the christmas mingle event considering it is my first time and the environment is so chill and wholesome. The Jenga activity is fun and a good way to keep conversations going.

Event was well facilitated with games and sufficient time for participants to get to know each other

Well thought out range of events, with quality time for conversations during and following the dinner

Organiser (Grace) was very engaging in putting together and running this event. It was fun and really awesome to be working out together with a curated Christian playlist.

I enjoyed this spin class very much as The instructor set the right tone to ensure no one felt out of their place of excessively pushed. I felt encouraged to go at my pace where I would like to push my own limits. Most importantly, I appreciated the 3 mins where we had time to reflect and some quiet time with God as we were given the freedom to spin on our own

Interesting first time

I am blessed

Very good space to know other people and make friends

Enjoyed the informal dinner session as well. Everyone is helpful and looking forward to the next event.

I'm the complete opposite of being musically inclined and I enjoyed the event!!!

Really great effort in organizing an event such as this! The community of people who joined was really one of the biggest factor that contributed to the success of this event.

Fun way to get to know new friends!

I absolutely love tonight's event because it gave me a fun experience connecting with Christian singles like me through games and just having such a safe space and edifying conversations, too!

A great way to kickstart quality friendships amongst singles and above all, with people outside of our (home) church

Despite having roots in our individual church communities, some of us still lack and yearn for spiritual friendship, nourishment and intimacy.

Especially where our social circles have changed - closer friends have gotten married, busy with kids or moved onto a different season of life.

The atmosphere generated was not awkward at all. The group setting made things comfortable for speaking as acquaintances. Somehow the participants were all respectful, so the interactions were pleasant!

Yes, it's very well organised and helpful.

Event was well organised

I felt that it was run very smoothly and it is a very chill experience and good job 😁😁

I think such occasions are wonderful, I didn’t know that there were so many churches. 🤣

Well-thought out details/ rotations. Love the venue!

Event was very good as I managed to connect with like minded individuals of both genders. Thank you!!

It is a good event to increase our network of friends

Really appreciated the opportunities to meet with Christians across different churches and the post-event facilitated matching.

Good effort! Appreciate it.

I loved the atmosphere and everyone was quite enthusiastic about it. Thankful for organizers who put in so much effort to make us feel comfortable and help us enjoy the event!

The events is good and conducted in a safe space.

It was such a step-out of my comfort zone to get to know new people outside my church but I love how Sacred Companion SG provided us with a time to fellowship and just have fun together.

Thank you for organizing this event! It helped me widen my social circle!

Am heartened and excited to know that such a platform exists for fellow Christian singles to connect and build community support for one another.

It is my hope that the friendships made can continue to encourage and motivate one another to run the race God has set for us with perseverance and focus! :)

Thanks for setting up the events for the singles :)

The event is well organized, with the rotation in place, I get to mingle to dialogue with different individuals in a group setting, over the meal. Will definitely attend again if there is similar event in future. :)


Grace did a fantastic job in organising this event. Not only do I feel energised but also I can get to fellowship with other disciples from other churches as well.

A great platform to meet new like-minded people, amazing!

Thanks for organising. Appreciate. God bless

Had a great time while being a tourist

Good event! 👍🏻

Was a good event and manage to meet many people

The organizers were very friendly and could tell that they have put in quite a fair bit of effort putting together the event! The location selection was good and there was ample opportunity to walk and chat while participating in the group activity that was prepared for us to do in teams at our own time. It was nice to meet people from different churches, there was quite a diverse group! Would recommend for people who are looking for a safe space to make new friends!

Was a fun and great experience learning and playing with the cajon while meeting new people, with no pressure. Well organised event!

Good job for hosting!

The food at Alex Creation Cafe is good too! I definitely would love to attend future events and invite my friends as well to be able to have a community who just love celebrating each other's season of singleness. :)

The journey of young adult to adulthood is daunting for many. Sacred Companion SG provides opportunities for Christian singles to connect and share meaningful, enriching perspectives about areas which deeply concern us.

Really well planned event to create opportunities for making new friends - thanks organisers :)

Thanks for organising and appreciate the service and direction of serving Christian singles

I think the organisers and attendees are very nice and friendly, the event makes me comfortable and better than I expected. I prefer future events to be a drinking social evening, to allow more attendees and feeling more casual.

Event was smooth and well planned. Age range was great as well.

I think Sacred Companion is a great ministry and it really allows for singles to meet more organically. Very wholesome.

Awesome event! Will definitely participate more in the future

Well organised and memorable event to flower dome & avatar experience! From the ice-breakers, activities to facilitate interaction such as doing snap shots and intermingling rotations - Helps us to make new friends in the process. 😊👍

Was a well-organized event

Safe for gathering

I enjoyed myself during the event as it is very casual

It was a really fun experience to get to meet other Christian people! Looking forward to more of such events.

I had a blast, laughed a lot and tried something new (Cajon)! Playing an instrument together helped us break the ice quickly and to see another side of one another. SUPER FUN 🤩

Can sense the sincerity of the organisers to have a safe platform for singles to meet, which is good.

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