Desiring God as your first love
Trusting Him with your next

This platform is dedicated to Protestant Christians who genuinely desires true love. It is my prayer that each of you will journey closely with our Lord Jesus Christ and in doing so, find the partner that God has planned for you.


How are we different from dating apps and agencies that are available in SG?

Dating apps run on algorithms tailored to your personal preference, promoting potential partners based on the number of preferences they meet. 

Unlike most dating apps, ​we do not build in algorithms with suggest matches. When you join our platform, you gain access to our entire community of Christian singles!

Dating agencies run on methodologies to match you with the "perfect partner" that suits your wants and needs.

Unlike most dating agencies, we do not provide matchmaking services. We create opportunities by organizing events for Christian singles to meet in a group. 

In simple words, we are the only ones in Singapore that organizes dating events while providing an online platform that is 100% dedicated to Protestant Christian singles

Getting Started

We know how daunting it is to create a dating profile. 

What if we told you, you can create your profile within an hour? 

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Meet Offline

There are 2 ways to meet others. 

  • Do it yourself - browse through profiles and ask someone out using our chat feature! 

  • Leave it to us - sign up for our events and leave the facilitation to us! :)  


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