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New milestone - Solo Concert :)

[Not the usual kind of post. Wanted to document a day when I live in the moment and enjoyed myself]

Unlocked a new milestone in the singles handbook - Solo concert!! 😍🤩

As Christians, we aren't spared from heartaches. With every pursuit of love... there are bound to be heartbreaks along the way.

Beyond seeking God for comfort, there's many avenues available to help with the healing process too - therapy, talking with friends, doing things you love or listening to relatable songs.

Sam Lee's songs have seen me through many heartbreak moments. From his hit single - 痴心绝对 to 你们要快乐,你那么爱他,过客,关于你的歌,擦肩而过... And many more.

Won't lie - still quite tired overall... and currently at a stage of navigating and seeking the Lord for direction in career, church, friendships, love life and SC.

But I thank God for this few hours where I set aside everything and just live in the moment. Had so much fun during the concert and it felt so good to finally be in a room with everyone who love the song 痴心绝对 as much as I do.

Sometimes life is complicated and sometimes... It's okay to just take it easy, give yourself a treat, break away from worries and enjoy living in the moment ❤️

We're constantly told - "Singleness is also a gift and we should enjoy this season."

Today, I pat myself on the back for being independent enough to dabao myself to a concert and enjoy the afternoon. Gonna continue doing activities that I enjoy so that I live to the fullest even during this season of singleness. 🥰

💡 Are you living to the fullest during this season of singleness? Are there things you're holding back on doing?... Quoting Nike... JUST DO IT! ✅

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