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Bible Study Fellowship
for Christian Singles

Are social events enough to sustain us till the day Christ returns? Will it help us to be faithful AND fruitful while waiting?


Perhaps not. 

Join the waitlist for our bi-weekly bible study on the book of Ephesians. This bible study is open to Christian singles residing in Singapore.

Click here to read key takeaways from our study sessions. 

1. Community

We aim to create a community of people in the same season of singleness that can gather to study God’s word. I chose the book of Ephesians because it helps us to see the significance of our role in God’s grand narrative. It is no longer about us but about the community of believers. The book encourages us to live not as people who are very “sian” but to live fully as people who are lavishly loved by God. 

Prayer Group

2. Wholesome alternative

We aim to provide a wholesome alternative to making new friends. There’s something special in learning God’s word together. In Ephesians, we will explore our position in Christ and how we can practise Christian living. And that would form a good foundation for God-honouring friendships. 


3. Safe space

We aim to create a safe space where you feel okay to share vulnerably. It may not happen in the first session and that’s okay. Everyone takes a different amount of time to warm up to each other. The good thing about bible study is that it is not a one-off event. In the 12 sessions that we spend together, I hope that it will be a place that you feel comfortable to be yourself.


Bible Study Fellowship
Details & Schedule

Frequency: Bi-weekly 

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 7.30pm* - 9.30pm

Venue: 5 Poh Huat Road

Registration Fee: $12 (one-off payment for study guide)

*Dinner is not provided. Participants are welcome to "dabao" their own dinner.


Due to the facilitator's schedule, there are 2 dates that have been changed to week 5 instead of week 4 (Mar / May). 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thanks!

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